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The Royal Air Force as seen by John 'Gary' Cooper
Sunderland cartoons by KANE

Disclaimer to Copyright

The following cartoons designed and drawn by KANE were purchased by me (John Cooper) whilst posted to 205/209 Squadron RAF Seletar in 1958. I have tried without success to find the originator and the copyright holder. If anyone knows who the copyright owner is please get in touch with me on the 'Contact Me' header. This page will then be removed if requested or the copyright holder to be acknowledged as the owner. This site is non profit making.


U/S Floats
"I say chiefy, what happens to the old floats?"

For those not familiar with Flying Boats within the RAF I hope that the comments are of some use.

Kane here looks brilliantly at what might happen to the wing floats once finished with, he captures the mood of the officer and the flight sergeant so well, the 'chiefy' looking behind him fearing the worst and the 'zobbit' almost with a nonchalent look on his face.


The APU (auxiliary power unit) sat in a wing housing adjacent to #3 engine and served as a generator to start the engines, a similar device to latter day 'trolley accumulators' or Houchin starter sets. Kane here gives much detail, again look at the co-pilots expression on his face and the huge amount of facial growth below his nose.


An absolute corker!


Note the rigger with the hammer and chisel rectifying the flaps, of course in real life we didn't use the chisel! Look at the guy stepping out of the rear door......

"It's not the bombs I'm frightened of, its the bits falling off!"

mcs unit

A marine craft section guy in a remote area sitting on a crocodile saying to the skipper 'what d'ya mean where is the marine craft section, this is it'. Again the detail is to be appreciated.

planned servicing

To appreciate this cartoon you would have had to work on 'second line servicing', Kane captures everything here again the detail is almost beyond comprehension, to single out one particular incident would be unfair, as a cartoonist myself I can appreciate the amout of work, detail of events and the symmetry of the picture. Quite brilliant and my favourite.

"I wish they would be more careful"


The epitome of every RAF bods tour of sunnier climes. The MOONIE, yes we were all one once, where the sun never shone on certain parts, the regulation shorts and socks no more than two inches above or below the knees, the look of bewilderment of strange new surroundings and the constant Mickey taking until the 'panic tan was achieved'.

A cartoonist often has trouble in getting 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand, Kane has achieved this in all of his cartoons that is/was a measure of his success. Thank you Mr. Kane (wherever you are)for all of us webfeet types for sharing your humour, the sun certainly shone on us!