The Royal Air Force as seen by John Cooper

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The Royal Air Force Forum

There are 2500+ members on the Royal Air Force Forum who have made 160000+ posts, 90% of these members are either ex RAF Types or still serving. This site has no connections with The Ministry of Defence and is no way official in any capacity. To become a member all you need to do is register, there is no fee!


As of 14th December 2010 there have now been in excess of 4.3 million hits


Here is an update 2nd September 2011 The Ministry of Defence appear to want to close such sites as the RAF Forum down, see here


Just a few brief examples of the posts:



Two Spam fritters and one yellowed eyed monster (assume it was an egg before the cooks got at it) swimming in a pool of cold grease breakfast at 04.30 Hrs. before departing Innsworth to travel to Liverpool. I only hope the reason the food was so awful was due to the early hour.

Then on the train to Liverpool via Birmingham New Street to find packed lunch consisted of Spam sandwiches and from memory most of which went out of the window to cripple the poor birds, this being a very cold February I will  leave it to you to guess where forty-two RAF Corporals rushed on arrival at Birmingham waiting to be placed on the end of a late running Liverpool train. I think it’s the one and only time I appreciated British Rail food.
Greycat/Eric Shepherd




Stationed at RAF Wellesbourne Mountford working in ASF, rectification of Oxfords, Harvards, and Chipmunks. Detached to St Athan for my fitters course. Queens Coronation while here. Happy days except for the SWO who must have been the village idiot in his younger days



RAF Pay Parade


The scenario was highly bulled floor, bedside mat and studded boots, guy marches up to officer i/c pay, comes to a perfect halt, and slid under the table. Officer, pay and Boy Entrant all over the place, remainder of Boy Entrants in hysterics and all for 3.17/6!!



In the winter of 52 with much snow and ice the MT boys at wildenrath were having a spate of minor accidents, The MTO got them together for a good telling off, assuring them that the next one would be court martialed, He then got in his Volkswagon and promptly skidded into a fence, Can you imagine the jeers and loud comments?biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
John Beavin


Also when Trenchards bust in Wing HQ was put down the toilet & WO Baker had us both 1 & 2 Wing on the square stood to attention for what I remember was most of a Saturday morning waiting for someone to confess, no one did but we suffered with parades , bull nights etc as a result.   Paul Herbert




I'm sure I've seen this thread on here before because I related a story about the shouting of "good old Fred" so bear with me if you've heard it before.
I left the RAF in 1973 but in 1981 I went to a cinema in Walkden nr Bolton with my latest girl friend - we went to see "The Jazz Singer" - Neil Diamond. Before the main film came on a Tom and Jerry cartoon came on and the opening credits came with the usual "Produced by Fred Quimby" ...... without thinking I involuntarily shouted "Good Old Fred!" at the top of my voice to a stunned audience and an unimpressed girlfriend. I managed to sink down pretty low in the seat and was one of the first to leave after the main film. I didn't see much of her after that, she reckoned at 40 I should have known better


Spike Hindley


Speaking of ugly women - any ex-Halton apps circa 1957 remember "sweaty Betty?" in 1 Wing Tank?  (I'm praying that nobody comes back with "How dare you, I married her!!)
Gus Turnbull



I remember one funny occasion when Princess Margaret was aboard a Brit at El Adem bound for Nairobi, Margaret stayed on the aircraft whilst we turned it around and we were only to approach the aircraft from the nose or the tail (Presumably she wasn't permitted to see lecherous airmen). The waste trolley was duly plugged into the toilet waste chute, the canvas chute was probably a foot in diameter, Alan Home***d got his hands round the pipe and shouted as loud as he could 'here comes Margarets'! We collapsed in a heap laughing our KD socks off!

John (Gary) Cooper



During arrival procedure at Cardington on the second day we were assembled for medical inspection and jabs. As we entered the hut for shorts down & danglers up I heard one of the NS guys in front say to the airman in a white coat " when you come to issuing the cigarettes, I don't like Woodbines". On questioning him after he said some guy the night before had told him we were due an FFI the next morning and when he asked what it was the guy told him "Free Fag Issue"!!




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