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Suffolk Bases

Did you ever serve in HM Forces in Suffolk or the USAAF/USAF, if so there is a section here for the RAF, Army and Navy

There were many RAF bases in Suffolk I served on three of them Martlesham Heath (1960), Stradishall (1965-67) & Wattisham (1967-69). If you served on any of the others come and pay us a visit here: 

New photos are being added weekly..........


NEW September 19th 2009

A whole new Website for RAF Martlesham Heath has been started come and join in RAF & USAAF



The British Army in Suffolk, did you serve in Suffolk whilst in the Army, if you did tell us here

Did you serve in The Royal Navy in Suffolk, eg Lowestoft or Felixstowe or Shotley if so tell us about it here



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