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RAF Web Site of the Week

The Royal Air Force Official website click here

Howard Curtis site called Airnet is huge, click here

'Air of Authority' by Malcolm Barrass. All you want to know about the RAF

An excellent site for information on the RAF in WWII

The Royal Air Force Forum Discussion Board

Thunder and Lightnings by Damien Burke, WOW!

Stalag 13, A huge aviation site

BCAUR/RAF Association and Squadron site

Want to know about Seaplanes or Flying Boats 'Seawings' is the answer

PPRuNe Aviation forum, the best on the net!

The Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon.

Paul Crossley's X-Planes, Great Pics

The living legend museum at Duxford

The Red Arrows Ground Crew

Les Bywaters E E Canberra site

Ever wanted a Squadron Print? Click here.

RAF Northolt with some excellent photos

All you wanted to know about Concorde

OOOOPPPPSSSS!! Photos of prangs

A Little VC10derness, all about the Shiney 10

The Battle of Britain Memorial Site

Excellent Aviation Art at EHangar

The Beverley Association

How to land an aircraft in pictures!

Excellent in flight/take off/landing video footage

The Douglas DC-3 site for all those Dak fans

Airfields and Control Towers

Front line Erks, a fascinating read

Newark Air Museum, Nottinghamshire

Did you earn the new PJM Malaysian Medal?

Site update
Splashdown on the Equator
The crash of Hastings TG579 of 48 Squadron at RAF Gan
RAF Changi 48 Squadron/FECs/Beverleys
The Goldfish Club for ditched flyers
RAF War Pensions
RAF Gan 1957-1961
RAF Katunayake/Negombo
An Airmans Daily Diary
The Civil Service within the MoD
Bizarre and Tragic RAF Accidents
Splashdown in the Mediterranean Hastings TG613
205/209 Sunderland Squadron RAF Seletar
Links to other Military Webpages
Handley Page Hastings, bangs and prangs, splashes and crashes
Handley Page Hastings Elevator Problems
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