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RAF Ground Crew Trades Forum


This is a webpage designed for ground crew trades . I get many people asking me if I know of/knew of so and so. We have had a lot of success in doing this, now it is your turn to make a success of this.
The web is the greatest communicator in searching for and finding old mates, there is an affinity in doing so, as these were the same guys that you slept with (in the best of possible tastes!) ate with, had leisure time with and mucked in as a team, whether it was refuelling a Hastings or bombing up a Sunderland, helping to change oxygen bottles or AVPIN drums.
So this is where all the action is DON'T MISS IT!

Three Cheers For The Man On The Ground
Flight Mechanic E Sykes (1942).

Wherever you walk, you will hear people talk,
of the men who go up in the air,
of the daredevil way, they go into the fray;
Facing death without turning a hair.

They'll raise a big cheer and buy lots of beer,
for the pilot who's come home on leave,
but they don't give a jigger, for a flight mech or rigger,
with nothing but "props" on his sleeve.

They just say "Nice day" - and then turn away,
with never a mention of praise,
for the poor bloody erk, who does all the work,
and just orders his own beer - and pays !

They've never been told, of the hours in the cold,
that he spends sealing Germany's fate,
how he works on a kite, till all hours of the night,
and then turns up next morning at eight.

He gets no rake-off, for working 'til take-off,
or helping the aircrew prepare,
but whenever there's trouble - it's "Quick at the double",
the man on the ground must be there.

Each flying crew, could confirm it as true,
that they know what this man's really worth,
they know that he's part of the RAF's heart,
even though he stays close to the earth.

He doesn't want glory, but please tell his story,
spread a little of his fame around,
He's just one of a few - so give him his due,
and "Three Cheers for the man on the ground

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